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Total Optimized Nutrition for Everyone
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A perfect sampler for the season! 2oz of each of our finest 100% unheated, unfiltered raw Arizona Honey. Taste them just like a wine flight in order from light to bold and rich. Comes shrink wrapped with recipe card, custom tag, and Arizona mesquite wood plank that we can even laser engrave your logo on. We are more than proud to say that everything in this flight (minus the the shrink wrapping) is 100% local from the printing, to the wood working and even the jars. Purchases like this support hundreds of Arizona folks and their families. This is our finest example of what we are all about, keeping it local!


Travel size approved, perfect for any occasion, and built to re-purpose as a votive candle holder, it makes a perfect gift for your best clients, for your special someone or just for you!


When you find the honey you love the most, order larger jars to enjoy all year round!

Flight Board - $25 each

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