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Total Optimized Nutrition for Everyone


100% unheated, unfiltered, raw Southern Arizona honey at its finest. It does not get more local than this, with the bee hives for this honey all located within 30 miles of Tucson, Arizona. Bold, rich, robust and intense with a strong bouquet, the honey-lovers honey. The Cabernet of the family, you will not forgot this distinct flavor.


Sweet! Local, NOT California, kissed by the Arizona central valley sun, this 100% unheated, unfiltered and raw, just like all of our honey, it is a must have. We finally found the right keeper to help bring back this sweet mix of magic and will have it on a regular basis now. This is the Prosecco of our family, but also the sweetest honey by far!


Bee pollen is another wonderfully nutritious superfood that goes well in every smoothie. You can blend it, or sprinkle on top of your smoothies like candy. These nutritious golden granules are not only smoothie worthy, you can top your desserts with them, add to salad dressings, sprinkle on cereals, salads, and yogurts, add to trail mixes, and otherwise incorporate them into your diet in many other



(AKA Honey Gum) Cut right from the hive (only when we can without harming the hive) a real treat for kids and adults as well…the entire comb is edible and can be eaten with a fork or used to add as a distinguished topping to any desert…this is a true treat for kids of all ages!




100% unheated, unfiltered, raw Arizona honey at its finest. Creamy, delicate and delicious, this is our Chardonnay of the flight, made from the seasonal Wildflower blossoms in Arizona. Our loyal following calls it “honey fudge”. Grab some crisp apples and drizzle away or blend into your favorite tea


Royal Jelly is a honey bee secretion produced by worker bees and is fed to bee larvae for the first few days, and is fed to the queen bee for her entire life. This is the only food that the queen eats, and allows her life span to extend up to 30 times longer than the work bees. Royal Jelly has been associated with the following attributes and health benefits:


Looking for a healthy and delicious stocking stuffer, lunch box treat, or kiddo snack? We got your back! Mother nature knows best when providing a yummy and healthy on-the-go option! 

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